Chicken Coop Upgrade


The Eggloo, a snug little (temporary) strawbale home for the hens

Our little flock of girls got an upgrade on their home today! They’ve been in the “Eggloo” for almost a year now, the strawbale coop we built as a temporary home for them last winter. It worked great as a fast, cheap, warm winter home, and it’s held up surprisingly well through the summer, but I knew it wouldn’t last another winter. So it’s been a long time coming, but we’re finally moving them out of the good ol’ Eggloo, and into a “real” coop, which I’m super proud of. It’s the first thing Frank and I have built together, and since neither of us have a ton of building experience, it was definitely a big learning project. I had a general idea of what I wanted, so we started with a rough sketch on a sheet of graph paper and little by little we managed to bring it to three-dimensional life. At almost every step along the way we’d have to stop and re-think our process, “Ok we did that, now how on earth are we going to make the next bit work…” There were a few frustrated moments, and we spent a lot of time laughing at ourselves! Of course, everything took longer than we had expected. The three days we had allotted to construction came and went too quickly. Then we got slowed down looking for used roofing material, and then slowed down further just trying to find time to do the last few things. It sat in the barn roof-less for a dangerously long time (we’ve been busy with out of town guests, harvest, fruit preservation, wine making, participation in a fundraising relay race, and life in general) but we finally put the roof on yesterday, and today I installed the roost and the old nest box from the Eggloo. Our new coop, which is still in need of a clever name, is mounted on wheels, so I rolled it down the driveway and out into the field, and after dark, moved the sleepy chickens from their old home into their new! I’ll keep you posted on how they adapt to the changes!

In the meantime, some photos for your enjoyment:


Floor and corner posts framed in

It’s sitting up on bricks where the wheels will be, patiently waiting for mobility…


Showing off! Sides and roof framed in.

Can you tell how proud I am? It’s already taking shape.


Measure twice, cut once… Cutting material for the floor and side ventilation panels.

We had a bunch of hardware cloth we had dug out of the yard, the previous owners had used it to gopher proof their flower beds. It wasn’t quite what we wanted there, but it worked great for flooring, and to provide plenty of air flow along the upper walls.


Close-up on our fancy floor


Side ventilation panels along the top of the walls.

(I think we must be missing a few photos, it feels like this step took a lot longer)

Because then magically… Voila:


Walls on the sides, doors on each end, one for chickens to enter and exit, and one for easy access to the nest boxes for egg collection

And roof on! Tah-dah! Finished coop.


Back view with door/ramp open

Isn’t it purdy?


Front view, of nest box access doors, and the handle

I think the chickens will love it… I sure do.

One thought on “Chicken Coop Upgrade

  1. What a wonderful time I have had catching up with all things Squaking. I love your blog.
    So happy to see dining table the way I hoped it would look. I finally got my replacement, a little sweetie.

    You are the greatest, love forever, Tutu

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