We are honored to be part of a global community of movers, shakers, dreamers, thinkers, hopers, and doers. Here are a few farms, farm-related organizations, educational programs or centers, and otherwise permaculture, homesteading, farming, sustainability, or food related people and projects we’ve had the pleasure to connect with directly and/or are just really inspired by and hope to meet someday:

Near Ashland-

Rogue Valley Farm to School

Rogue Farm Corps

Neighborhood Harvest,

Rogue Water Solutions, Andrew Fischer

Sundial Arts and Urban Homestead, Sunny Lindley,

Rogue Valley Growers and Crafters Market

OSU Extension Center/SOREC

GMO Free Jackson County

Seven Seeds, Don Tipping

Siskiyou Permaculture, Tom Ward, Karen Taylor, Melanie Mindlin

Oshala Farms, Jeff and Elise Higley

Barking Moon Farm

Elemental Design Build, Malena Marvin

Permie Progress, former SHA housemate, Craig

House Alive!, Conrad Rogmans

Elsewhere In Oregon-

Cob Cottage Company, Ianto Evans

Lost Valley Education Center,

City Repair Project,

Cascadia Permaculture, Jude Hobbs

Aprovecho Sustainability Education Center,

And Beyond-

Occidental Arts and Ecology Center,

Ben Falk,

Home Harvest,

Food Not Lawns,

And Music to Inspire the Movement-

Nahko and Medicine for the People

Sara Tone

Patchy Sanders


Rising Appalachia

Anna Fritz