In 2017 we began hosting work-traders occasionally through You can view our host profile here. The following information on this page is intended to provide more detailed information for potential helpx-ers considering coming to stay with us.

Information about Squawking Hawk acres for Helpx Work-traders:

-We are a small community, really more like a handful of friends living together, but we approach sharing space and time together with intention. We are developing our capacity for compassionate communication and collaboration. We live with a two-year-old, so a willingness to be around young children is required.

-We are a 3 acre semi-urban/semi-rural property. We live just a few miles outside the town of Ashland, Oregon. It’s a ten-minute drive, or a twenty-five minute bike ride into downtown. We may have bikes available for you to borrow, and we are happy to offer rides in cars if we’re headed into town. Ashland has lots to offer for its small size, including great food, music, theater, parks, and nearby wild places.

-We are a homestead, not a production farm. We are working on producing food for ourselves, honing our skills, and experimenting with how best to tend the land here, while connecting in supportive and mutually beneficial ways with the larger community in our region. If you’re looking for experience on a working farm, or in commercial production, we are not your place. If you’re willing to participate in a wide variety of tasks and projects, apply whole-systems thought, and explore with us to find the best solutions, then we look forward to working with you!

-We host a variety of community events, so willingness to socialize, be present, and participate in those events, from set up to take down is greatly appreciated. You can check out the events page on our website for more details. In fact, we highly recommend you explore around our website as much as possible to get a sense for who we are and what we’re doing, and to make sure it resonates with you.

-We ask for approximately 25 hours/week of help in exchange for hosting you. We imagine this happening in the form of five-hour workdays, five days a week. Some of these days will be spent working with us on projects, and some time will be spent working independently on tasks. We are flexible about the exact layout of how this happens.

-We provide housing either in our vintage trailer, or in the guest room of our home, or camping in tents during warmer weather. We offer access to our kitchen, and basic staples such as grains and beans, fresh produce, dairy and eggs. Although we do eat meat occasionally, it will not be provided on a regular basis, and if you want to eat it more often, plan to purchase it for yourself. Approximately once a week we will have a house dinner where everyone will eat together. On workdays we will often prepare lunch for you. Other days and meals it will be up to you to cook for yourself. It will also be up to you to purchase any supplemental foods or snacks that you desire. Since you will have access to our communal home space it is essential that you are able to clean up after yourself.

-We do occasionally enjoy alcohol and marijuana, and we don’t mind if you do the same, as long as it does not affect your ability to participate and work on projects. We prefer not to host cigarette smokers.