Vision and Mission

Squawking Hawk Acres
Permaculture Homestead and Community Gathering Space

Learning and Growing Together We Thrive


Our vision is toward a world where people live in harmony with each other and the natural world, where individuals blossom within the supportive web of diverse multi-generational communities, and are deeply connected to the land through a regenerative sense-of-place that includes plants, animals, and the wildness within and around us all.


Our mission is to be a model community demonstrating alternative ways of being in this world by re-skilling our selves in the tasks of living together in right-relationship to each other and the world. We do this by being in community together, developing our capacity for compassionate communication, growing food, saving seed, learning to make and build things ourselves in order to become producers instead of consumers, unschooling our children and rewilding ourselves, stewarding the land and developing it as a permaculture homestead where we can host workshops, skillshares, community gatherings and other creative and educational events, and at the same time documenting our process and sharing our journey in the hopes of inspiring others along the way.