I know one thing for sure…

Digging Day Work Party Realizations:

I know one thing for sure today, besides that I am sore and tired. I know I couldn’t have done this alone. This is what I know for sure, with every sore and tired fiber of my body, with every overwhelmingly grateful piece of my heart. I know with absolute certainty, have known since long before I was born. I was reminded again yesterday, watching a group of cheerful people in my yard energetically tackling what had previously looked to me to be an insurmountable project.

Getting started

Getting started

What at the beginning of the day looked like a grassy and blackberry-infested hillside by dusk had been transformed into a cleared slope, foundation trenches, a berm and a swale. The blackberries were gone. The grass was gone. Piles of wood had been moved to clear the side yard. Loads and loads of woodchips had been moved to clear the driveway, the fence line had been mulched. What had seemed like a massively long To Do list shrank suddenly with the arrival of friends who swarmed on to the project with gusto, like busy bees, taking instruction and tackling projects with contagious enthusiasm. We flew through tasks, accomplishing everything we had set out to do, and then some.

Bare feet

Bare feet

And never did it truly feel like work, though I was busy running around all day. There was the constant sound of laughter in the air. There were jokes and story telling, and music and singing and old friends meeting new. There was food and snacks. And beer. There was lingering by the fire, long after the work was done and the tools were put away, and the food was eaten and the dishes were done. There was more laughter, more stories. There were resources shared, information passed along, connections made. Most of all there were friends, people who wanted to be together, who believed in the work they were doing, and were happy to do it. Most of all there was a sense of community, a sense of being part of something bigger, a piece of a larger whole. Amid the work boots and the bare feet, the muddy shovels and the sunshine, the rain and the wet jackets, the smiles and the laughter, there was this community coming together, and this one thing I know for sure. I couldn’t do this alone. And I wouldn’t want to. We are better together. We are capable of so much more.

Taking a stretch break

Taking a stretch break

Big thanks to everyone who came out to help with our Digging Day, and to everyone who is a part of the SHA community, near and far. You make it all possible. I am so grateful.


Good people. Good beer.


Yes we can!

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