The Land

Squawking Hawk Acres, permaculture homestead, community gathering space, and venue for creative and educational events, is located on a beautiful little chunk of land, 2.96 acres to be exact, in Southern Oregon, in the Rogue River Valley, nestled between the Cascade and Siskiyou mountains, at the base of Mt Ashland, in the Bear Creek Watershed, near Emigrant Lake. It is home to several human beings, a bunch of chickens, two ducks, four hives of honeybees, at least one (very vocal) red-tailed hawk, as well as a multitude of birds and bees and bugs and deer and foxes and raccoons and squirrels and rats and mice and voles, and probably a bunch of other creatures we haven’t even met yet.

tobey06The land is old but our relationship to it is new. We landed here in November of 2012. Relatively speaking, Squawking Hawk is a baby. It is a dream coming true slowly. Informed by the design principals of permaculture, we spent the first year on the property just observing and interacting, getting to know the land and its inhabitants, watching where the sun fell, where the frost was last to melt, where we were naturally drawn to go. Now we are beginning to design and develop the property with our vision in mind to be a permaculture and homesteading demonstration site.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAWe are putting in gardens and fruit trees, building cob ovens, growing food, installing fences, raising animals, brainstorming rainwater catchment systems and swales. We are developing our skill sets as we go. We strive to create low input systems, utilize on-site resources, work with the land, and transparently share our learning process through workshops and work parties, as well as our blog and facebook, so that others can learn and grow with us.