The People

Squawking Hawk Acres is currently home to Elizabeth, Deb, Jake, Rachel and Pheonix, as well as about a dozen chickens, two lovely ducks, countless honeybees, at least one very vocal red-tailed hawk (our namesake), and a multitude of birds and bees and bugs and deer and foxes and a black bear and raccoons and squirrels and rats and mice and voles, and probably a bunch of other creatures we haven’t even met yet.

We are a group of cultural creatives, living together, and exploring what it means to actively be In Community, and to live on a permaculture and homesteading demonstration site. As a group of individuals with varied interests and professions, we support each other in pursuing our passions and realizing our dreams. We honor the earth and strive to live lightly on the land. Together we are working to become more conscious of our impact and make informed choices about our use of resources and how our actions affect the global environment. We love connecting over good food, shared projects, laughter, music and fun times.

Preparing for our Annual Thanksgiving Day Bike Ride

Preparing for our Annual Thanksgiving Day Bike Ride

Read more about Elizabeth, the Visionary Leader of Squawking Hawk Acres, here.

Of course, our community extends far beyond those who live here on the land, to the larger community of people in this region, in this world, in our lives, which we are forever grateful to be a part of. These connections are constantly expanding, developing and deepening. Come join us!