Squawking Hawk Acres is a community gathering place, it is a group project, it is a collaborative creation. As such we welcome and encourage community involvement in many different ways. If you are interested in contributing to the vision of SHA please visit our events page to see if there’s a work party, workshop, or event that you would like to participate in. Alternatively if you would like to donate physical items we’ve created a wishlist of things we’d love to have here on the farm.

If you’re considering gifting items to us, please keep in mind that we prefer used items over new. Keep an eye out for no longer used items in backyards, at garage sales, and second hand shops. We love previously loved items!

Seeds/starts/cuttings/propagation material, particularly for organic, edible, perennial plants
Picnic tables, garden benches and cool outdoor seats
Shovels, as well as other hand tools like rakes, hoes, etc, but mostly shovels!
Garden cart
Clothesline/posts for clothesline
Folding wooden clothes drying rack
Old wooden framed windows, various sizes
Useable old paint for murals
Back jacks (those little seats that support your back when you sit on the floor)
Lumber, useful scrap wood
Bee suits, gloves, hats/nets
Pressure canner
Bow saw/swiss saw
Mortar and pestle
Kegarator/Co2 set-up
Wine racks

Thank you!!

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